About Us  
Established in 1979, we are one of the most reputable manufacturers of Aids for Daily Living products in Taiwan and we supply quality products worldwide at competitive prices.
Stay in the industry more than three decades, we have strived as much as possible to establish comprehensive product range of Aids for Daily Living in order to provide the life with dignity for elders and disable people. We strongly believe the dignity life is combined with independent living and convenient products. To achieve this goal, in the process of designing products, we have to consider the daily activity in detail; every simple daily movement could be a significant idea for us.
Therefore, our ADL product range includes House Aids, Dressing Aids, Reading & Writing Aids, Bathroom Aids, Exercise Aids, Support Aids and Walking Aids products. In the production of every single product, it had involved the highly experienced workers and experts to make sure the quality and the function.
We export to more than 30 countries. Our customers include rehabilitation clinics, senior home care services, pharmacy stores, hospitals and medical device distributors & retailers. We are always looking for new partners.
If you are interested in our products we will refer you to our nearest retailer in your area.
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